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My  Philosophy

So many of us from an early age, have had to be the way others want us to be, and in the process we’ve lost our sense of who we really are and what we really want.  We find it difficult to know.  In the therapy relationship we can take the time to find this out so that you can step into your own authority and come home to who you really are.  

I see our work together as making sense of whatever is going on in your life right now.  Our aim is to explore and be with whatever is there so that you can find your own answers.  As you gain greater insight and understanding into your thoughts and feelings you will come to understand yourself more deeply and realise your full potential.  

Psychotherapy offers a safe and non-judgemental setting in which to explore your hopes, worries and feelings.  

It can be very difficult, not to say daunting, to take the first step in acknowledging that you may need some support.  You may have been pondering for a while about a particular issue or problem in your life and wondering how to make sense of it.  Specific problems (big and small) as well as the more general sense of things not being quite right, can hugely benefit from being shared with another and worked through in an atmosphere of compassion and trust.
“Just like the butterfly, I too will awaken in my own time” (Deborah Chaskin)